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Redefining Executive Education

Breaking into New Markets

This seminar helps students explore comparative marketing systems as well as develop experience in identifying and exploring new market opportunities.  We will examine problems in analyzing the internal marketing system of countries with various types of political-economic structures as well as the marketing implications of the different structures. Specifically, we will explore the strategic impact of economic, cultural, political, and legal differences on marketing strategies and marketing mix elements: price, product, promotion, and distribution.

Change Management

This seminar focuses on the complementary roles and responsibilities of leadership and management in creating, leveraging, and managing change in today's dynamic, complex, and competitive global business environment. The seminar attempts to bridge organizational change theory with practical applications by combining lecture material, cases, exercises, and the participants’ real-world experiences with organizational change.

Corporate Entrepreneurial Strategy

Building a profitable company in today's turbulent economic climate is an immense challenge. It is no longer "business as usual."  We can determine what our competitors are doing in the "fishbowl", but how do we gain profitable, sustainable competitive advantages?  In this interactive course, we will explore the many factors leading to durable corporate success through the strategic and transformative application of entrepreneurial principles.  

Empirical Research & Advanced Statistics

This seminar begins with a general discussion of empirical research to establish terminology and procedures. Qualitative and quantitative research will be examined as well as the research process: the development of a research proposal, the five stage process of research, and preparing research to conduct with a group.

Executive Leadership

This interactive seminar provides participants with an opportunity to explore the concept of executive leadership in the 21st century. Seminar participants are introduced to a variety of leadership concepts. Case studies give participants an excellent opportunity to discuss leadership dilemmas confronting leaders in dynamic organizational environments, while experiential exercises offer participants hands-on approaches to solve problems from various perspectives.

International Business Law

The goal of this seminar is to acquaint students with the regulations and laws likely to be encountered during their careers in order to be able to deal with legal issues proactively.

Students will gain knowledge of the impact of law on global business and the legal challenges that arise in conducting extra-territorial transactions.

Multicultural Management

In this seminar participants will explore the interplay of international business practices and differing national cultures. In particular, participants will learn to apply concepts from the disciplines of cultural anthropology and sociology to specific problems and situations encountered in international business.

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