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ISM in São Paulo

Redefining Executive Education

Doing Business in Brazil

This seminar will allow international business students to develop an understanding of the competitive business environment by studying Brazilian business culture and its industrial landscape, as well as Brazil’s legal and regulatory framework for business. The seminar will also equip the participants with knowledge and skills to make a successful entry in the Brazilian market.

Brazilian Economy and Trends

This seminar allows students to gain an understanding of the Brazilian economy, its strengths, its weaknesses, and the current trends relevant to international companies that intend to do business in Brazil.

Leadership, Organizations, and Networks in Traditional Societies

This seminar will consider how different leaders, organizations, and social networks behave in different types of societies. Of particular interest will be societies undergoing transformation from one dominant type to another.

Strategic Challenges, and Organizational Decline in Brazilian Companies

This seminar will focus on specific company cases and the context of decline of some Brazilian companies with a view to understanding how to transform decline into growth. Cases of sustained competitive growth will be compared to cases of failure.

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