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Last week, ISM held their Welcome Reception, inviting students and other members of the ISM community to gather with ISM staff and guests to unveil their new space. The reception was an event intended to introduce its new facilities with a celebration,...

Created: 04 June 2015
The Big Apple
IMBA Student Blog

As you may know, I am American. You may also be aware that ISM has facilities in New York City. This summer, many of us MBA and IEMBA students are preparing to meet in New York from Paris and other places around the globe to participate in the intensive seminars...

Created: 23 April 2015
My Journey to France
IMBA Student Blog

Moving back to Paris didn't even feel like an option for me. I knew after studying here in 2013 that I wasn't done with this city. I decided to take a French course during my undergraduate studies. To be honest, I found it very challenging. The class...

Created: 25 February 2015

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