Moving back to Paris didn't even feel like an option for me. I knew after studying here in 2013 that I wasn't done with this city.

I decided to take a French course during my undergraduate studies. To be honest, I found it very challenging. The class met four days per week and required me to memorize a copious amount of material in a short amount of time. The semester ended, and I received a 'B' in the course, which was a big deal for me at the time. I decided I would not enroll the following semester.

However, when I returned home for the summer to work for my family business, I found a book that my aunt gave me when I was 10 or 11 years old. I was astounded at how much of the book I could understand. I can remember being an adolescent and trying to teach myself French and it was nearly impossible. However, I made it through book and recognizing most of the vocabulary. I then knew that I had to continue learning French.

During my second French course, I decided to apply for study abroad in my school's French program that took place in a rather rural city in France. I was rejected due to my level of French.

Upset over being turned down, I continued to wonder why I was in the United States learning at a pace that I found lackluster and undemanding. While I was waiting to reapply the following year, I ended up meeting someone who would change my plans to go abroad. Léa, who would soon become someone I now consider to be my "French family," convinced me to move to Paris. Not long afterward, I found a program here and in 2013, I spent 7 months studying French at the Catholic Institute of Paris. I knew after living here for a short amount of time that I was not done with this city. Paris has seduced me with its unique and interesting lifestyle.

As soon as I returned home to the US, I wondered how I would return to France. I had always planned on pursuing a master's degree, and after having worked in the field of Recruitment and Outreach in the United States for one of the largest aviation programs in the country, I started exploring my options to further my studies in business. While I knew that I one day wanted to work in management, I wasn't sure what my next step should be. I applied to several schools in Paris and spoke with many professionals from my industry. It became clear that getting my MBA would be the best way to enhance my understanding of business and allow me to grow as a leader in my field.

Being in aviation, I needed to find a school that would give me a strong perspective on how management works around the world. Once I met with ISM, it was evident to me that their MBA program would offer me a global environment as well as an education that would cater to my professional goals. Three months after being accepted, I embarked on my next educational journey here in Paris. I can't wait to see what ISM has in store for me in the coming months.

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