Last week, ISM held their Welcome Reception, inviting students and other members of the ISM community to gather with ISM staff and guests to unveil their new space. The reception was an event intended to introduce its new facilities with a celebration, giving everyone a chance to get aquatinted with the new location and experience the growth of the institution first hand.

To backtrack a bit, ISM announced several months ago that it would be transitioning into a new location. The ISM Board of Directors made the executive decision to group together the school's Paris offices in order to improve communication and synergy among staff members. This was also an effort made to facilitate contact between ISM students and administrative/academic personnel. Resonating well with the student body, it was unanimous decision made by students and staff who saw it as a positive change for the school.

Not long afterward, ISM announced that it had found a new location, which remained in the same district and was located about 10 minutes east of the original campus. Therefore, the Welcome Reception was held to announce the move and display their latest advancement.

Arriving at the facilities for the first time, I was very pleased with the site. It is still conveniently situated in the 7th arrondissement, except it is much closer to other schools in the area. Even though it was newly renovated, the space retained the Haussmann style architecture. Complimented by the white walls and tall ceilings, the space appears majestic and royal, yet modern, giving an overall aesthetically pleasing setting.

ISM's Executive Director, Maurice Forget, unveiled the space with a welcoming speech and thanked all of us guests who attended. We were welcomed with beverages and hors-d'oeuvres upon which we were invited to explore the new facility. I discovered many rooms, including a beautiful seminar room and a big student lounge overlooking Rue de Grenelle and Boulevard Raspail. The event was a great opportunity for the students, both at the masters and doctoral level, to meet with one another and interact with faculty and staff. It was the perfect occasion to network and expand my professional contacts, but it was also the perfect time to bond with other members of my ISM program and enjoy the new site.

Overall, the Welcome Reception was a success and an enjoyable experience for everyone. If you'd like to see more from the event, click here to look at the moments captured by the photographer during the evening.

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