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Juggling Act
IMBA Student Blog

Ever since Christmas break ended, it seems like school has cranked up the intensity. If you aren’t writing a pre-assignment, then you must start the research for a 10-15-page paper. This is, of course, in addition to being in class, having (as many...

Created: 15 February 2018
Facing Finance Fears
IMBA Student Blog

When I decided the make the transition from Mental Health to business school, I knew many of the classes would be challenging. I had looked over the required classes for the IMBA and saw that some of them were subjects I had never learned in my entire...

Created: 04 December 2017

Making the decision to go to graduate school is not an easy one. It is especially challenging if going to graduate school involves a completely new career change. This has been my personal experience, switching from mental health to business school.

Created: 02 October 2017

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