It is hard to believe that my time at ISM is coming to an end! I feel grateful that I still have a few classes left and some time remaining in Paris before I head back to New York. Two recent classes I had at ISM which stood out to me were “Digital Marketing” with Professor Desmond Cooney and “Technology Trends in Business” with Professor Elias Hadzilias. I was very much looking forward to both classes and they did not disappoint! Part of the reason why I enjoyed the classes was because both professors were particularly engaging and used video clips and websites to bring alive the topics being discussed. The other reason I enjoyed the class is because technology is becoming vital in the world of business, and I know little about it!

Even though I am part of the millennial generation and an active user of Facebook/Instagram, I will admit to being behind when it comes to many aspects of technology and how it can be used in the workplace. One of the best parts about these classes is that they showed the pros and cons of how tech can be used in multiple fields. We discussed how artificial intelligence might be used in healthcare or in the position of human resources. Also, what could happen if we push technology too far and lose the importance of keeping humans at their jobs. Professor Cooney taught us how valuable Google AdWords and different keyword searches can be, and how important having the right SEO (search engine optimization) is for building a business. Since many of my classmates were interested in entrepreneurship, it was extremely eye-opening to see how a small business can use technology to build up a thriving organization.

I am very happy to have had two classes with a focus on technology. I felt the Digital Marketing class helped me to understand how I could use tech on a micro level to build my own business, and what other companies are doing to stay at the forefront of marketing. As for the class on Technology Trends in Business, it gave me a broader, more macro-level view on what is occurring in the field of technology today and what the future will bring to many different sectors within the business world. These are some of the most valuable classes I have taken at ISM, as they have helped me see how to bring my ideas and knowledge of business into the modern world.

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