All new ISM candidates will complete an Outcomes Assessment assignment prior to starting with the main course work towards their desired degree. All related information about credits earned, assessment deadlines, and grading can be found on ISM's website, as well as in the enrollment package. Additionally, the academic advising session gives a good opportunity to go over the finer details and questions or concerns with the Academic Director.

Personally, I found assignment a challenge and a reality check: of general knowledge, research abilities and resourcefulness, of ambition, commitment and self-motivation. I strongly encourage you to complete it, not only for the credits earned, but for the experience itself. If you had been out of school for a long time, reviewing the academic paper structure, formatting and citation rules alone can take awhile. Taking time to research is important and will make you realize complexity of discussed issues, the many ways to present facts and figures, and the assessment will challenge your ability to innovate the assignment and future assignments.

Conducting research will make you discover yourself as an academic, unique ways to build arguments, and to elaborate on ideas. You will be assessed on all of these elements. The results arrive a few days after submission and are presented as a very detailed examination of your written assessment. I found it constructive and directorial. For my next paper, I am positive it will benefit from me having gone through experience.

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