The very essential question one asks when considering going back to school is 'Which business school is best for me to join?' The higher education market, much like any other market, offers wide range of academic products suited for every need, niche and appetite. It is through meticulous research and dissection of the pros and cons that a future scholar arrives to the exciting point of enrolling into a school. What is it about ISM that continuously attracts, convinces and charms hundreds of professionals from around the globe year after year? What describes ISM's unique selling proposition (USP) so to say?

Wikipedia defines USP as institution's "personal brand" in the marketplace, or "differentiation and one of the most important strategic and tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage." The key bit is uniqueness, making it an aspiration of my writing today to highlight exceptional qualities of International School of Management that I myself chose to be my Alma Mater for the coming 5 to 6 years.

ISM holds a defining ingredient in the name; the word 'International' describes the main founding principle, the school's geographic structure, seminar diversity and faculty order. With campus locations situated in important financial centers around the globe and seminars stationed internationally, students capitalize on the rare opportunity to experience key markets dynamics face to face and personally. Truly global minded faculty teams in New York, Paris, São Paolo, Cape Town, Shanghai and New Delhi allow for non-confined learning experiences and cosmopolitan classroom interactions within small size groups, which is another unique proposition of learning process.

In the recent times, when companies embrace evolution of digital marketing and employ vigorously online methods of communication, it is the international approach of ISM that becomes an attraction point for professionals like me.

I encourage each one of you to read the Message from the President on ISM's website, where Professor Jack Forget, ISM's President, speaks about his aspirations and goals as an educator. He summarizes beautifully why ISM stands apart from the traditional business school structure and what are the distinct benefits of attending ISM. Prestige of educational giants like Harvard will remain and always will be a solid foundation; it is the visionary approach of business schools like ISM that reflect real time market dynamics, ultimately presenting an irresistible selling proposition on the international educational playground.

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