ISM’s doctorate business programs provide diverse course offerings, enriched by an environment of students who may be entering the program as subject matter experts in various fields, such as medicine or law.  Further, as a discipline, business itself has a vast array of facets, with some subject matter experts such as accountants or HR professionals, desiring to deepen or broaden their area of expertise. These past professional experiences help to enrich classroom discussions, weaving together a diverse tapestry of perspectives in the discussion.

For the courses that you participate in face-to-face, an incredible opportunity to expand your professional and personal network presents itself.  New opportunities to create cross-sector connections are possible. For example, a doctor expanding his network to include technology experts, able to provide advice or share ideas, or a nonprofit professional connecting with an HR consultant to engage in rich discussions related to future workforce skills needed in that sector.  In each instance, students are able to engage with others, making connections that can lead to new professional engagement opportunities.

But what happens when the classroom environment is online and interaction with classmates is more limited?  This is when the power of ISM’s network comes into play. With students and alumni across the globe, simply mining LinkedIn or the ISM directory provides insight into new possible connections.  Further, ISM professors and staff are always willing to help make introductions to classmates or alumni. For example, if you are searching for a particular type of person with an area of expertise or experience related to your professional or academic goals, I have always found ISM more than willing to introduce me to a fellow student or alumni eager to help however needed.

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