When pursuing a doctorate degree, no matter your circumstance, you will inevitably receive the question, “How do you do it?” Admittedly, the schedule and deadlines are daunting but with a plan, a support system, and a desire to remain part of this elite and impressive group of students and alumni, it can be done.

As a full-time nonprofit leader, doctoral student, wife, and mother of three, the schedule can be daunting but not impossible.  I won’t pretend every deadline is always met on time, or some facet of my life doesn’t experience a time of neglect. Yet despite the hectic schedule, what propels me forward is my desire to remain part of such a diverse and accomplished network of students and alumni.  Every time I attend a face-to-face course in Paris or New York, I am reminded of the amazing group of students who attend these classes. These people represent dozens of prestigious companies and some of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world.  The robust experiences and knowledge my classmates bring to the classroom are nothing short of inspiring, and I learn something new every time I am around them. To be part of that type of student body is something I am proud of and work hard to remain included in.

Another reason I have found success at ISM is due to the abundant resources available to students.  From dedicated and knowledgeable professors and staff to technology and tools which make it easy to interact from around the world, ISM is truly accessible at any time of day.  In addition to these resources, it is also empowering to have a network of colleagues, family, friends, and fellow students willing to lend a supportive word, provide advice or share a resource they always found useful in their studies.  

So when people say, “I don’t know how you do it,” I reply “Well, I don’t do it alone, thanks to ISM.”  From the support of colleagues, friends, and family, to the incredible network of students and alumni, I have found ISM provides abundant support, and it’s up to me to ensure that I keep pace to continue to earn a seat at this impressive table. 

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