*All dissertation defenses are overseen and also approved by Professor César Baena, Dean and Director of Doctoral Research.


  • Tara Heusé Kenyon (PhD), “Risk Culture: The Cultural Dimensions of Risk and Ambiguity Management” | Jury: Prof. Desmond Cooney (adviser), Prof. Jack Hampton (external examiner). Honors.


  •  James Museba (DBA), “Assessment of the Effectiveness of Fintech on Banking Digitalisation Efforts in Uganda” | Jury: Prof. Gianfranco Gianfrate (adviser), Prof. Ivo Pezzuto (external examiner).

  • Alison Wolfe (DBA), “Educating Marketing Undergraduates Using Marketing-Based Experiential Learning:” | Jury: Prof Daphne Halkias (adviser), Prof. Ivonne Chirino-Klevans (external examiner).


  • José Nuñez (DBA), “A Credit Rating Replicator for Non-Rated Companies: A Partial Least Squares - Structural Equation Modeling Approach” | Jury: Prof. Michael Wynne (adviser), Prof. Joseph Onochie (external examiner). Honors.

  • Umbigay Sharlett Naidu (DBA), “The Role of Managerial Cognitive Capabilities on Digital Transformation of Large-sized Organizations: A Multiple Case Study from South Africa” | Jury: Prof. Daphne Halkias (adviser), Prof. Christian Adendorff (external examiner).

  • Mirta Michili (PhD), “The Journey Towards A Growing Diffusion Of Entrepreneurship Learning And Culture In Society” | Jury: Prof. Antonella Poce (adviser), Prof. Tobias de Coning (external examiner).


  • Momodou Malick Willan (PhD), “Stakeholders Perceptions of Service Quality in Private Higher Education Institutions” | Jury: Prof. Jack Hampton (adviser), Prof. Ivonne Chirino-Klevans (external examiner).


  • Jennifer Martin (PhD), “Innovative Pedagogical Strategies for Graduate Business Schools” | Jury: Prof. Jack Hampton (adviser), Prof. Ivonne Chirino-Klevans (external examiner).

  • Sam Chacko (PhD), “Aspects of Maritime Transportation Risk: Bulker and Tanker Perspectives” | Jury: Prof. Jack Hampton (adviser), Prof. Nathan Sambul (external examiner).

  • Samuel Fogang Tallé(DBA), “Healthcare Organizations and Enterprise Architecture: A Case Study in Canada” | Jury: Prof. Jack Hampton (adviser), Prof. Onyeka Uche Ofili (external examiner).


  • Charles Ebereonwu (PhD), “The role of cultural entrepreneurship: a focus on the Igbo trade apprenticeship system" | Jury: Prof. Tobias de Coning (adviser), Prof. Onyeka Uche Ofili (external examiner).

  • Andrea Valenzuela Rivas (PhD), “Gender and leadership: relationships between demographic variables and organizational practices that promote equal opportunity for leadership positions for women in Mexico” | Jury: Prof. Ivonne Chirino-Klevans (adviser), Prof. Kimberly Reeve (external examiner).

  • Bisola Onajin-Obembe (PhD), “Analysis of Physician Anaesthesia Workforce Crisis in Nigeria: An Insider's Action Research” | Jury: Prof. Tobias de Coning (adviser), Prof. Cristina Stefan (external examiner).


  • Sofia Morote (PhD), “Ethnic Chambers of Commerce and their Effects on Immigrant Latino Entrepreneurs’ Business Performance” | Jury: Prof. Daphne Halkias (adviser), Prof. Onyeka Uche Ofili (external examiner).


  • François Mensah (PhD), “Stock market and economic growth” | Jury: Prof. Ivo Pezzuto (adviser), Prof. Gianfranco Gianfrate (external examiner).

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