*All dissertation defenses are overseen and also approved by Professor César Baena, Dean and Director of Doctoral Research.

Other Years: 


  • Maria Pressentin  (PhD), “Can Genuine Servant Leadership Gain Followers’ Respect for the Leader? Evidence from the Asian High-Power-Distance Cultures: A Multiple Case Study Approach” | Jury: Prof. Daphne Halkias (adviser), Prof. James Wilkinson (external examiner).
  • Vasilya Sultanova  (PhD), “Cross-Sectional Analysis of Herd Behavior in GCC Stock Markets” | Jury: Prof. Turki El-Shemary (adviser), Prof. Gianfranco Gianfrate (external examiner).
  • Abhijit  Sobale  (PhD), “Co-innovation in context of the oilfield service industry” | Jury: Prof. Tobias de Coning (adviser), Prof. Christian Adendorff (external examiner).


  • Thomas Lindford (PhD), “Exploring and describing the perception of experts in the development of the proximity of consumer behavior to business model innovation for sustainability” | Jury: Prof. Joachim Bauer (adviser), Prof. Nathan Sambul (external examiner).

  • Rayan Jabbar (DBA), “Economic assessment of off-plan real-estate policy in Saudi Arabia – 2009-2019” | Jury: Prof. Jack Hampton (adviser), Prof. Deepa Chandrashekar (external examiner).


  • Elizabeth Nkiru (DBA), “Employees’ perception of workplace diversity and its effect on job satisfaction– Calgary economic region” | Jury: Prof. Deanne Larson (adviser), Prof. Kimberly Reeve (external examiner).

  • Omnia Nour (PhD), "Utilizing a nonmarket strategy for business survival during the COVID-19 pandemic: The case of Qatar Airways" | Jury: Prof. Daphne Halkias (adviser), Prof. Uche Ofili (external examiner).


  • James Campora (PhD), “Will consumers’ food-buying behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic drive alternative food networks in the post-pandemic era? A narrative inquiry” | Jury: Prof. Daphne Halkias (adviser) Prof. Chris Adendorff (external examiner).

  • Shawat Ferdousi (PhD), “Leveraging clusters for innovation and international competitiveness: Study of economic and industrial clusters in Ontario” | Jury: Prof. Des Cooney (adviser) Prof. Chris Adendorff (external examiner).


  • Roxana Birsa Allen (DBA), “Online home-based businesses: Narratives from female immigrant entrepreneurs in Dubai, UAE” | Jury: Prof. Daphne Halkias (adviser) Prof. Uche Ofili (external examiner).


  • Leonidas Fotiou (PhD), “A holistic and speculative SCRM Framework for the end-to-end supply chain: A constructivist grounded theory in redefining SCRM” | Jury: Prof. Jack Hampton (adviser) Prof. Joachim Bauer (external examiner).

  • Irene Ubiawhe (PhD), “Succession experiences of the second Generation within Black African family businesses in the United Kingdom: A narrative inquiry” | Jury: Prof. Daphne Halkias (adviser) Prof. Uche Ofili (external examiner).


  • Israel James Katura (PhD), “Professionalism and internationalization in Nigerian SMEs” | Jury: Prof. Atef Harb (adviser) Prof. Uche Ofili (external examiner).

  • Jezon Ow (DBA), “The future of healthcare in Singapore. How an integrated use of A.I., Internet-of-Medical things (IoMT), Blockchain-based technologies, and Cloud-computing-based Medtech and Digital Health solutions will radically redefine the industry, firms’ business models, and the doctor-patient relationships” | Jury: Prof. Ivo Pezzuto (adviser), Prof. C. Adendorff (external examiner).

  • Zaher Barakat (PhD), “The use of branding in the banking industry.” | Jury: Dr. Andrew Thomas (advisor), Prof. Christian Adendorff (external examiner)


  • Kinge Monono (PhD), "Promotion, Growth and Performance of Small- and Medium-size Enterprises in Cameroon" | Jury: Prof.Tobias de Coning (adviser), Prof. J. Onochie (external examiner)


  • Kris Oswalt (PhD), "Measuring Human Development Powered by A.I." | Jury: Prof. Rob Marjerison (adviser), Prof Rob Kimberley (external examiner)

  • Gohar Minasyan (PhD), "Looking ahead; expatriates repatriate" | Jury: Prof. Ira Cohen (adviser), Prof Rob Kimberley (external examiner)


  • Jennifer Ivory (PhD), "Assessment Of Stabilization Efforts In Emerging Markets From World Bank Programs Between 2008 and 2016" | Jury: Prof. Jack Hampton (adviser), Prof C. Adendorff (external examiner)

  • Laurent Dorey (DBA), "Perenniality of Established Born Globals, in their Capability of Universally Managing their Intangible Resources, amid Cultural Diversity and Distances" | Jury: Prof. K. Reeve (adviser), Prof C. Adendorff (external examiner)


  • Maria Marcos (PhD), "Virtual Communities of Practice and Developing Sense of Community and Peer Collegiality among Online Adjunct Faculty: A Narrative Inquiry" | Jury: Prof. D. Halkias (adviser), Prof Uche Ofili (external examiner)


  • Kouafilann Sory (PhD), "Risk Aversion Behaviors in the Bank-SMEs Relationship: Predictors of Credit in Burkina Faso" | Jury: Prof. Tobias de Coning (adviser), Prof J. Onochie (external examiner)

  • Adebola Adigun (PhD), “Determinants of the target capital structure, its impact on financial performance and the speed of adjustment – evidence from the Nigerian capital markets.” | Jury: Dr. Joseph Onochie (advisor), Prof. Gianfranco Gianfrate (external examiner)

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