*All dissertation defenses are overseen and also approved by Professor César Baena, Dean and Director of Doctoral Research.


  • Maria Pressentin  (PhD), “Can Genuine Servant Leadership Gain Followers’ Respect for the Leader? Evidence from the Asian High-Power-Distance Cultures: A Multiple Case Study Approach” | Jury: Prof. Daphne Halkias (adviser), Prof. James Wilkinson (external examiner).
  • Vasilya Sultanova  (PhD), “Cross-Sectional Analysis of Herd Behavior in GCC Stock Markets” | Jury: Prof. Turki El-Shemary (adviser), Prof. Gianfranco Gianfrate (external examiner).
  • Abhijit  Sobale  (PhD), “Co-innovation in context of the oilfield service industry” | Jury: Prof. Tobias de Coning (adviser), Prof. Christian Adendorff  (external examiner).

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