Other Years: 

January 2022

John Wamukota (PhD), “The rationale for public-private partnerships in the national development agenda: a case for Uganda.” | Dissertation committee: Prof. Emmanuel Igah (advisor), Dr. Tobias de Coning (second reader).

February 2022

Charles Mbelede (PhD), “Appraisal of power infrastructure management in Lagos, Nigeria.” | Dissertation committee: Dr. Joseph Onochie (advisor), Dr. Tobias De Coning(second reader).

March 2022

Amr Abdeldayem (DBA), “Exploring the use of social media in higher education teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic: evidence from Egypt.” | Dissertation committee: Dr. Daphne Halkias (advisor), Dr. Jamey Heit (second reader).

May 2022

Peter Bamkole (PhD), “Diffusion of e-learning models for entrepreneurship education within training institutions in Nigeria: a multiple case study.” | Dissertation committee: Dr. Yvonne Chirino-Klevans (advisor), Dr. Tobias De Coning(second reader).

Yasmine Sakr (DBA), “Critical success factors and mechanisms for strategic CSR: Lessons from an Egyptian multiple case study.” | Dissertation committee: Dr. Kimberly Reeve (advisor), Dr. Tobias De Coning (second reader).

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