Other Years:


Joseph Ndjebayi Nloga (PhD), “Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis as a Normative Rationality under Technical Uncertainty: A Statistical Approach to Making Predictions during Amperage Creeping in Aluminum Smelting” | Jury: Prof. Tobias de Coning (adviser), Dr. Christophe Schinckus (external examiner).


Alida Scholtz (PhD), “Digitalization and Organizational Culture” | Jury: Prof. Tobias de Coning (adviser), Dr. Maurice Forget (external examiner).

Peter Aliogo (PhD), “Determinants of small and medium scale enterprises survival in Nigeria: an application and evaluation of approaches of corporate entrepreneurship creativity and innovation dynamics.” | Jury: Dr. Joseph Onochie (adviser), Dr. Tobias de Coning (external examiner).


Stefan Schrörs (PhD), “Empirical evaluation of steering factors for European new sustainable ventures in an early start-up phase and deduction of standard-strategic considerations for a successful start-up.” | Jury: Dr. Joachim Bauer (adviser), Dr. Maurice Forget (external examiner).

Maryam Nader Archunan (PhD), “Emerging market and innovative business models.” | Jury: Dr. Ivonne Chirino-Klevans (adviser), Dr. Tobias de Coning (external examiner).


Tabea Dahn (PhD), “Adapting leadership development strategies to the next generation of leaders: a mixed-methods study of core leadership competencies.” | Jury: Dr. Maurice Forget (adviser), Noemie Le Pertel (external examiner).

Pillai Thirunavukarasu Sundaram (DBA), “Good governance for a second-generation Tamilian family business in Singapore: a holistic single case study.” | Jury: Dr. Michael Adendorff (adviser), Dr. Tobias de Coning (external examiner).

Leon Mettler (PhD), “Selected proactive strategies to enhance e-learning tertiary student engagement within disruptive innovation. An experimental research design.” | Jury: Dr. Tobias de Coning (adviser), Dr. Kimberly Reeve (external examiner).


Natalia Hartinger (PhD), “Evolving markets of moralities as a potential driving force to shift multinational organisations towards a more-than-profit business philosophy - an explorative study.” | Jury: Dr. Tobias de Coning (adviser), Maurice Forget (external examiner).

Courtney Ann Rottman (DBA), “Digital transformation of fundraising strategies & operations of academic medical centers in the United States: a multiple-case study.” | Jury: Dr. Kimberly Reeve (adviser), Christophe Schinckus (external examiner).

Grace Chew (PhD), “Critical success factor of the mergers and acquisitions performance: interrelationship of planning stage (pre-merger) and integration process (post-merger).” | Jury: Yaakov Weber (adviser), Dr. Maurice Forget (external examiner).

Helen Emore (PhD), “Promoting youth entrepreneurship and SME development in Nigeria: a multiple-case study of OXFAM work in progress & Bank of Industry YES P programme.” | Jury: Dr. Tobias de Coning (adviser), Dr. Kimberly Reeve (external examiner).


Anthony Benson (PhD), “The perceived influence of leadership on professional ice hockey men players' work-life balance.” | Jury: Dr. Tobias de Coning (adviser), Dr. Maurice Forget (external examiner).

Tatiana Tauhata Ferreira (PhD), “Innovating to net zero with corporate venture capital (CVC): exploring the CVC contribution to the firm´s sustainable performance and to its climate commitments.” | Jury: Dr. Tobias de Coning (adviser), Dr. Maurice Forget (external examiner).

Lucas-Philipp Schenk (PhD), “Overcoming cross-cultural barriers to leverage an effective IT offshore partnership: a participatory action research case study.” | Jury: Dr. Tobias de Coning (adviser), Dr. Maurice Forget (external examiner).

Jacob Lushinga (PhD), “The impact of public debt on economic growth in Africa.” | Jury: Dr. Joseph Onochie (adviser), Dr. Tobias de Coning (external examiner).

Barry Silverman (PhD), “The changing role of brand as a driver of consumer choice.” | Jury: Dr. Abou Elgheight (adviser), Dr. Maurice Forget (external examiner).


Sundeep Ghali (PhD), “Unlocking value through a strategic performance management framework.” | Jury: Dr. Christophe Schinckus (adviser), Dr. Kimberly Reeve (external examiner).


Junaid Butt (PhD), “Mergers and acquisitions potential in the transportation and logistics services sector: a multiple case study to investigate national and multinational companies interest in Saudi Arabia.” | Jury: Dr. Bernard Koelmel (adviser), Dr. Christophe Schinckus (external examiner).

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