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DBA alumnus Akintoye Akindele (Class of 2016) published a paper titled “The Determinants of Bond Market Development: Further Evidence from Emerging and Developed Countries” in the Emerging Markets Review. He co-authored the article based on his ISM dissertation with his adviser and his second reader, Professors Houcem Smaoui and Martin Grandes. To read the abstract, go to
The 5th International Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Conference took place on May 25-26, 2017, in Prague. ISM PhD alumnus and core faculty Professor Michael Neubert presented his paper on “Innovation Pricing Strategies of High-Tech Start-Up Firms.” To access the conference book of proceedings, go to
On July 20, 2017, ISM PhD candidate Manal Naboulsi successfully defended her dissertation titled “The Interface between Gender Processes and Family Business Succession in Family-Owned Businesses in Lebanon and the United States: A Comparative Case Study.” The defense jury was made up of ​Professor Daphne Halkias (adviser), Professor Michael Neubert (second examiner), and Professor César Baena (ISM’s Dean and Director of Doctoral Research).
On June 30, 2017, ISM PhD candidate Simon Okechukwu Akpa successfully defended his dissertation titled “Participants, Roles, and Governance in Open Air Marketing Channels in Nigeria.” The defense jury was made up of ​Professor Vincent Onyemah (adviser), Professor Areti Krepapa (second examiner), and Professor César Baena (ISM’s Dean and Director of Doctoral Research).
DBA alumnus Mark Esposito delves into the details of today’s business environment and the non-renewable resources we continue to use: an aging population, depleting natural resources, and so on. Mark asks the question, "Do we continue to do business as usual?" To read the article, go to